Actions undertaken within the Operative Program ERDF Aragon 2014-2020


This overview aims to put in a visible place the funding of the European Union for the development of the European regions.

The Operative Program European Regional Development Fund Aragon 2014-2020, under the slogan Constructing Europe from Aragon, aims to contribute to the Union strategy for an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth and to the achievement of the economic, social and territorial cohesion. It is supported in seven priority axis.

One of the specific objectives of the priority axis 6 is the improvement of the urban environment, the revitalisation of cities, the regeneration and decontamination of brownfield sites and the reduction of air pollution. Actions related to the decontamination of soils, with indirect effects on water and the atmosphere, are foreseen to fulfill this objective. In this line of actions, the objectives of the Government of Aragon are:

  • The decontamination and regeneration of contaminated areas, affected by wastes dumped in the past. Specifically, the decontamination and regeneration of the sites affected by the lindane manufacturing waste of the old INQUINOSA factory
  • The monitoring and control of the undertaken actions
  • The monitoring, maintenance and control of the air quality network of the Autonomous Community of Aragon, including the real information system for the citizens and the authorities

Further information regarding the activities co-financed by the ERDF is provided in the following links: