Water treatment plants Bajo Gallejo

The Aragonese Water Institute informs about the state of the water-treatment systems of the municipalities that take water from the river Gallego


The Aragonese Water Institute (IAA) signed on the 4th of May 2016 a colaboration agreement with the Town Councils of Caldearenas, Ardisa, Biscarrués, Santa Eulalia, Piedratajada and Marracos on the necessary actions to prevent from the lindane contamination in the supply of drinking water. Additionally, the Monitoring Protocol of the river Gallego, approved by the General Directorate of Justice and Interior, allocates to the IAA the confirmation of the correct functioning of the water treatment systems at the municipalities. That is why, the IAA analyses and, if necessary, replaces the activated carbon filtesr in the water suply systems of the six aforementioned municipalities. Nevertheless, the Town Councils are still the final responsibles of the supply systems and their management.

Efforts are being made to know in every moment the state of the water treatment in the six municipalities, by performing monthly reviews of the drinking water facilities and by doing analytics of the iodine index to check the wearing of the activated carbon filters installed. Currently, a step forward has been taken and the results of these periodic inspections will be published in a monthly basis.