Problems derived

The Bailin problem


The old HCH landfill located in Bailin was used – from 1984 to 1988 – as a place to host the residues that were generated by the old factory of Industrias Químicas del Noroeste, S.A. (INQUINOSA).

Within its three hectares surface, this old landfill reached a volume of 200.000 cubic meters of waste. This facility became a serious environmental problem, due to several factors that took place from the beginning.

The INQUINOSA problem

Industrias Químicas del Noroeste Sociedad Anónima is the acronym of INQUINOSA, whose old factory is located in the industrial park called “La Fosforera”. It started its activity in 1975, being active until 1994. In 1994 it officially ceased its activity, and remained in a state of abandonment. Since the moment it closed, the factory has become a huge environmental problem. Owing to that, a significant amount of resources have been dedicated to it with the objective of dismantling it with the maximum security conditions.


The Sardas problem


Sardas landfill, located beside the Gallego river, less than 1 km west of the town centre, contains a variety of wastes not only from the lindane production but also from other chemical industries; among them, solid and liquid HCH residues, mercury, caustic soda, hypochlorite, dichromate, ditiocarbamates, urban waste, construction and demolition waste, and so on.