Agreement with the MAPAMA

On 15 January 2018, the agreement signed by the MAPAMA and the Department of Rural Development and Sustainability of the Government of Aragon for the removal of lindane from the river Gallego, was published at the Official Journal of Aragon

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Strategic Environmental Action Plan against lindane waste contamination in Aragon

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The results obtained in the pumping and injection tests in the previous action phase have been essential to re-evaluate the initial test approach and to adjust the design parameters collected in the DISCOVERED LIFE report “ISCO pilot test design. Bailin”

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About Lindane (HCH)

Lindane is an isomer that does not exist in nature: it is artificially obtained in a series of chemical processes. It was worldwide used as a pesticide and for the treatment of parasites during the second part of the 20th Century and even in more recent times. Presently, the past production of this compound has become a first order environmental problem. Indeed, due to its riskiness and its persistence in the environment, the lindane, together with other HCH isomers, were included in the list of persistent organic pollutants by the Stockholm Convention.


Which are the results?


Monitoring Reports

The lines of action to control and counteract the contaminant effects of lindane include the continuous quality control of the surface water, air, soils and flora and fauna. The current conditions as well as the evolution of the parameters along the time can be consulted at the available monitoring reports.